Legal and Financial Due Diligence Exclusively for Small Business Buyers

Our network of vetted M&A lawyers and Quality of Earnings professionals have decades of experience helping small business buyers get deals done while navigating common pitfalls.

Our Difference

We’ve worked on hundreds of small business transactions and know exactly what it takes to close a deal.Our fixed-rate packages are designed to provide small business buyers with the peace of mind that unexpected expenses won’t rack up during their journey.We've negotiated preferred pricing with vetted diligence providers so we can pass on 30-50% savings to small business buyers.The result? You'll get everything you need, and nothing you don't.

Our Packages

Save $2000 when you sign up for the Legal & QoE Bundle.

$6K - Legal Package

  • Review of seller's legal documents

  • Purchase agreement and ancillary documents

  • Seller note

  • Employment agreement(s)

Compare to $10K-$15K

$6K - Quality of Earnings (QoE)

  • Overview of recent financial performance

  • Analysis of growth drivers and projections

  • Cost and expense analysis

  • Working capital health

  • Balance sheet health and capital structure

  • Relevant ratio analysis

Compare to $10K-$15K

$10K - Legal & QoE Bundle

  • Best Value

  • Everything included in the Legal Package

  • Quality of Earnings (QoE)

Compare to $20K-$30K

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How are we so much more affordable than other providers on the market?

We've negotiated preferred pricing with vetted diligence vendors.

2. When does it make sense to start working together?

Once you have a signed LOI.

3. How much does it cost?

Please view our packages.

4. What is a Quality of Earnings?

A QoE offers essential financial metrics that provide buyers with a deep understanding of the target company's historical performance, current status, and future growth prospects, making them invaluable for informed decision-making in the acquisition process.

5. How long will the Quality of Earnings take?

Our Quality of Earnings service takes 2-4 weeks on average to complete. This can vary if the seller is faster/slower to provide information.

6. What if I require additional legal work?

Our standard legal package offers what most small business transactions require to get to close. If you have specific additional requirements, this can be arranged on a call with our team.

7. What is your refund policy?

Customers are entitled to a full refund without any questions asked if they provide written notice within two business days after providing payment. After two businesses days there will be no refunds issued. Any potential credits for unused work will need to be discussed and agreed to between client and client’s service provider.

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